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The worship ministry at 12Stone Church exists to serve the vision of 12Stone Church by creating opportunities to exalt the living God and encounter his rescuing and transformational presence in worship.

Latest Releases

In Faith I Rise

In Faith I Rise

So many of the miracles that Jesus performed during his life were sparked by the faith of those who asked. There is no salvation apart from having faith in the resurrection of Jesus and no miracle apart from faith in God to be who he says he is and do what he says he can do. Let this song be your faith story. Your personal battle cry of rising in faith.

Wonder From the Wasteland

Wonder From the Wasteland (Hallelujah)

God can take seasons of despair, worry, and fear and give us a new song to sing. Because of him we can sing a new song, a song of hope, power, life, and confidence... There is power in this new song of testimony, power and proof. We need to sing a new song and let God use this new song to bring glory and salvation. Let this song be your personal testimony song.

Right Here, Right Now

Right Here Right Now

We believe that the God we worship is living and active in our lives, and this song is a desperate cry to see Him move in us in ways that only He can. Whether you need comfort or grace, renewal or rescue, allow this song to be your prayer of desperation for God to move in power right here, right now.

Awakening (Let Your Glory Fall)

Awakening (Let Your Glory Fall)

We have been marked by our prayers for revival. Prayers that the Spirit of God would awaken something powerful, undeniable, and immeasurable in our church. This song is an expression of those prayers. Prayers that God would awaken his glory in a way that it would overwhelm us.

Worship Team Auditions

Thanks for your interest in serving on the Worship Team here at 12Stone Church. Simply click the “Audition Application” button and you’ll be redirected to fill out a short form. You’ll automatically receive a download link where you can get the resources you’ll need for your audition and the Worship Pastor from your campus will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have.

We host open auditions at each campus on a monthly basis. The Worship Pastor at your campus will let you know when the next opportunity will be and direct you through the next few steps in the process.

Production Team

Thanks for your interest in serving on the Production Team here at 12Stone Church. The Production team exists to help create opportunities for the church to worship God through Lighting, Audio, Video and Media. We would love to give you more information about how you can join this team.

Please click the “Serve In Production” button and complete the short form. After you submit the form, one of our leaders will be in touch to help with your next step!